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Street Art Tour
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Street Art Tour

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Join our tour and discover the Best street art Paris has to offer. Paris isn’t an open-air museum, it’s a big lively city that changes all the time. Paris has a strong urban alternative culture and you can count on hundreds of artists across town to make sure you see that painted on the wall of the city. Join Victor, our professional tour guide and street art specialist around Belleville. The east of Paris is traditionally the working class neighborhood, that is where the first street art of Paris was made over 30 years ago and that is still where it flourishes today thanks to artists such as Mr Pee, Seth or Hopare. This tour has been designed for both lovers of street art and those who want to discover it for the first time. It is a way to dive into this new form of art that you will find now in every major city across the world. Victor will introduce you to the different movements in the street art scene, the techniques artists use, or the evolution of young artists such as Banksy who are now some of the most famous artists in the world. Street Art richness and diversity are guaranteed during the tour! Street Art artists explore many ways of expressions: graffiti, stencils, collages, murals paintings…to share with the world their vision of society, or simply for aesthetical purposes. It is constantly evolving and is built through different ways of expressions, inspirations, and its environment. Like any other form of art, Street Art has its own ethics and values that the guide will pass it on to you during the guided tour. Understand, analyze and decipher: the works are revealed for your greater pleasure! Know the artists names, their influences and how they evolve, discover their crew and how it can change their artistic approach. These are examples of some of the fun facts you will hear during the guided tour. Our tour is also a way to discover parts of the city totally unknown from regular tourists and it includes one of the best view over Paris. Why take this tour? To see the Paris that other tourists miss. Because street art is not only for New York, London and Berlin. We can paint too!
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